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Which Strain Of Marijuana Are You?



With many excellent marijuana strains across the world, it’s hard to settle down on one that perfectly represents your own personality. From the most scrumptious sweet varieties that give you euphoria, sharp focus, and clarity, to the earthy selection that boosts your mood and excite your imagination, there is a wide range of cannabis strains for about everyone.

When searching for weed at any cannabis shop, you may realize that the strains are split into three kinds: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Depending on your preferences and what you want to attain, the seller may try to match the product to your personality.

Indica strains are tranquilizing, ideal for relaxing especially with a movie or a taking a nap. They are perfect during bedtime. On the other hand, the Sativas provide a more energized effect that connects well with the physical activity, social congregations, and imaginative tasks. Hybrids fall between Indica and Sativa spectrum, depending on the percentage that the strain inherits from the parent plant.

Due to the perceived differences in the cannabis strains, patients who use cannabis for treating their medical conditions also consider strain’s classifications. For instance, a patient who suffers from fatigue or hopelessness may prefer using Sativa during the day, while those suffering from chronic pain or insomnia may go for Indica strain at nighttime.

Most cannabis consumers agree that the difference between weed strains is in the effect one experiences after taking weed. But some cannabis experts believe that sometimes the expectations are over-generalized. It’s also true that cannabis contains two compounds – Cannabinoids and Terpenes – which influence the effects.

The Cannabinoids have unique properties and medicinal values, while Terpenes are fragrant oils that regulate the effects of Cannabinoids. The two have their own set of effects; hence, cannabis strains are made up of smaller elements that are passed on genetically.

Have you wondered which type of marijuana strain has the perfect properties that suit your personality? If you are not sure of the cannabis strain, click on the link below to take a quiz:

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