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Tips On How To Make Your High Last A Bit Longer



There are numerous articles that try to explain how to get rid of weed out of your body system. But if you are really enjoying the effects of weed and how it’s helping you ease the chronic pain, then how can you prolong that amazing experience of marijuana? In this article, I’ll show you 5 hacks that you can apply to prolong your HIGH.

Tea and Weed

Tea has some antioxidants that connect easily with the cannabinoids receptors. Try taking your cannabis with tea to improve your relaxation levels. Tea boosts your high and it does amazingly intensify your high.


Eat a mango or drink some fresh mango juice about an hour before setting up a joint. When mangoes are combined with weed, there is a chemical element in the mangoes known as the Mycene terpenes that work wonderfully with weed. The same substance is found in the bud which maximizes the high effect thus making it last longer. Depending on the individual smoking weed, the combined substances can strengthen and lengthen your experience.


Nuts contain Omega 3 fatty acids that tend to mingle well with the cannabinoids found in the cannabis. It helps one to reach the high faster and better and the effect can last longer.


There are some edibles that can rock your world. Ask your local dispensary to recommend to you some edibles that contain high levels of THC.  Edibles works slowly than smoking but are known to intensify the high and sustaining it for a longer period of time.

Hold It to Longer

Suck up that extra THC effect and hold it for a little longer so as all the THC is absorbed into the system. It sounds weird and may not work for everyone especially for those who combine weed and tobacco but works wonders. Another trick is to smoke weed in an enclosed area so that the smoke rises to the top. When you stand up, you still break the smoke hence consuming more to last you longer.

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