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This Bioceutical Breakthrough May Hold the Key to the NFL’s Deadly CTE Crisis



Millionaires are being made by the moment in the medical marijuana industry. Venture capital firms, private equity firms, and even billionaires have gotten in on the action, sending key players to multi-bagger gains overnight.

One only has to remember InMed Pharmaceuticals’ (OTC: IMLFF / IN.V) launch from under a dime to $0.72 in 2017. Or GW Pharmaceuticals’ (NASDAQ: GWPH) sky-high climb when positive phase 3 results were released for Epidiolex to know that investors are churning out fast double, triple and quadruple digits gains.

If you missed those huge rallies, than you’re in luck because GridIron BioNutrients (OTC: GMVP) is just getting started.

With a total of 29 U.S. states legalizing the medical use of cannabis, and 8 with recreational-use laws in place, the market has been abuzz. A new report from the Brightfield Group projected the international market for cannabis to hit $31.4 billion by 2021, showing a compound annual growth rate of 60%.

And those figures could be vastly underestimated when taking into account the full scope of the market potential in development.

Wall Street is even getting in on the action, slating the launch of a new marijuana ETF for later this year or early 2018.  Big tobacco and alcohol are late to the game, but showing signs of an entrance in the near term.  You’re certain to have seen the recent headlines about Philip Morris’ $20 Million investment in Syqe… or Corona’s parent company, Constellation Brands taking a 9.9% share in $2 Billion medical marijuana company, Canopy Growth.

Their early hesitation could mean massive gains for your portfolio as acquisition hungry giants vie for their share of this multi-billion dollar behemoth.

Triggers on the very near horizon, such as coming legalization in the massive Californian and Canadian markets, are driving cannabis to be one of the most promising investments for 2018.  And GridIron Bionutrients (OTC: GMVP) looks to be the best opportunity for this rapidly-growing market.

With an innovative product line, access to capital, and a contract in place with the NFL Alumni Association…All signs point to a winning addition to your portfolio.


Are your juices flowing yet?  They should be.  Here’s why…

This IPO May Hold the Key to the NFL’s Deadly CTE Crisis

The NFL is facing a revenue-crushing epidemic.  CTE–the devastating brain disease stalking the NFL has sent dozens of companies scrambling for answers.  Despite $1,500 helmets and neurosurgeons taking brain scans on the sidelines, medical experts say equipment can’t protect athletes enough to prevent lifelong brain damage.

But our newest feature company could save the game and generously reward early shareholders in the process.   GridIron BioNutrients (GMVP) is taking this challenge head on with their groundbreaking sports drink, MVP Nano.

MVP Nano is organically produced and rich with probiotics and trace minerals. And then there’s one extra ingredient medical research has proved to be a neuroprotector—Cannabinoids.

You see, CTE or chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a specific type of permanent brain damage that is caused by multiple blows to the head over time. Doctors used to think it was rare. Then came the high-profile cases of athletes with the distinctive “tau” deposits of CTE getting in trouble or aging before their time.

The cannabinoid formula in MVP Nano is a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and reduces the buildup of tau proteins.  Drinking it before playing could protect players from the damage on sub-concussive hits to the head.

That’s a groundbreaking feat in its own rite… and one that could make GMVP a coveted acquisition target.

No other company is ready to market a sports-specific Hemp drink. This is how investors find beverage stocks that soar, like VitaminWater, which Coca-Cola acquired for $4.1 billion. That’s approximately 17 times what Vitamin Water’s annual sales were at the time! Musician 50 CENT was a shareholder in Vitamin Water and it’s rumored he made $100 million for his share.

The Amazing Power of Cannabinoids to Cushion the Brain

Scientists have known for years that cannabidiol, the active ingredient in MVP Nano, works powerfully to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, seizures and pain. But research just released in 2017 added startling extra dimension.

It turns out that there is now solid proof that cannabidiol is good for the brain.  In the scientific jargon, it is a neuroprotector—and a stronger one than anyone expected.

The latest research shows that it could protect brains from the effects of ischemic strokes and head traumas and reduces the buildup of tau deposits.

With this proof of in hand, GridIron’s MVP Nano is game-ready, formulated, bottled and ready to save the game. But will the image-conscious National Football League approve of a drink with cannabidiol in it?

The National Football League Alumni Association already has!

NFLA represents retired players and markets products through its Pro Football Legends division. It just signed a three-year memorandum of understanding to work with GridIron

As you can see, GridIron isn’t wasting any time breaking into the mainstream sports beverage industry… press was just released introducing a brand new Alkaline Hemp Water to their product line. 

“The formulation of Gridiron Hemp H2O Probiotics™ is a significant development for the Company,” said Darren Long, CEO of Gridiron. “We believe this exceptional product will allow Gridiron to strategically enter the ever-growing Hemp water marketplace at a competitive price point. Gridiron Hemp H2O Probiotics™ is a unique Alkaline water with a pH of 10 infused with Probiotics, Electrolytes and Certified Nano Hemp.” 

NFL Can’t Dodge The Need for Help

The average NFL pro sustains 1,500 blows to the head every season. The worst damage usually doesn’t show up until years later as depression, violent outbursts, aggression, speech disorders, trembling, seizures, difficulty walking, inability to focus, disordered thoughts, and memory loss so severe it looks like advanced Alzheimer’s.

CTE has become a publicity nightmare for the NFL. Former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez, who committed suicide at age 27, had history of violence including murder… and the worst case of CTE ever seen in a player so young. Four-time Super Bowl champ and Hall of Famer Mike Webster suffered dementia at age 50. His brain showed tau deposits equivalent to being in 25,000 car crashes.

The CTE-football link in today’s game is irrefutable. Researchers at Boston University have found evidence of CTE in 110 of the 111 brains of former NFL players it has autopsied.

Dr. Bennett Omalu, the neurologist who first pinpointed the problem in 2005, puts it starkly …

“If you get to the professional level, I believe there is a 100% chance you have brain damage.”

The NFL has every reason to adopt a protective beverage like MVP Nano immediately.

  • It owes a $1 billion settlement to ex-NFL players suffering CTE, and that will rise unless the damage is stopped.
  • Promising young athletes like Chris Borland are dropping out of the game early to avoid ending up hopelessly brain damaged.
  • And worse for the future, 40% of parents won’t allow their children to learn how to play football in youth leagues and school sports anymore.

Even LeBron James—who was a star wide receiver in high school and recruited by Notre Dame—won’t let his sons play football.

So why wouldn’t the NFL put MVP Nano’s sleek black bottle right out front—Nano MVP, sitting proudly next to that ubiquitous green cooler. It’s the only cannbidiol-enhanced drink formulated by athletes who know nutrition!

GridIron Is Run By Athletes for Athletes

GridIron’s CEO Dan Long is a former pro football player himself. That could be the reason that GridIron is the first and only cannabidiol-enhanced product that we know of to reach a deal with the NFLA.

But Long’s not just a jock. He understands what’s in the bottle and what the right nutrients and bioceuticals can achieve. He has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from California State University, Long Beach.

GridIron’s Treasurer and director Brian Martinho got his B.S. from San Diego State in Exercise and Nutritional Science. And Timothy Orr, GridIron’s president, has a JD from Gonzaga Law… but before that, he earned his B.A. in Biology from Whitworth University.

Acquisition Potential Is Sky High

If you know the beverage industry, you have probably figured out the real reason to own GridIron BioNutrients (OTC: GMVP)—buyout potential.

The giants of the industry rarely develop new products. They wait for young companies like GridIron to develop and test good ideas, then they pounce, often coughing up 4 to 17 X annual sales. Just the way PepsiCo bought Gatorade and Coke took over PowerAde.

GridIron BioNutrients is still in early development, itself having been only recently acquired by parent company MyCloudz.  That makes it an ideal time to stake out a speculative position for high rewards. Beverage stocks that find a new market can turn into real moonshot for investors—with share value rising as much as 20X like we saw with Samuel Adams or for an astounding 90X catapult, as we saw with Starbucks.

GMVP is staking out an entirely new niche, and you don’t want to miss out on this one.  Take a look at their corporate presentation:


Take a look at their corporate presentation:


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