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CBD market growth over the next ten years will outpace marijuana growth by more than 30-to-one

By the end of this decade, projections are that the CBD market in the United States will expand 25-fold, from roughly $2 billion today to over $50 billion! Compared to the marijuana industry forecast to expand only two-fold in the same time period. Now, the European Union can be added to the story!

Urgent Update:
November 19, 2020: The European Union’s highest court rules that cannabidiol (CBD) is not a narcotic drug. This unexpected ruling continues to block THC sales, yet opens retail pathways for CBD pharmaceutical products to reach 445 million European Union residents. This was not anticipated when this report was first published.

The total potential CBD market penetration presented in this report can now be raised to 776 million combined U.S. and E.U. population!

Based on population size alone, that can elevate key data points presented in this report by up to two-and-a-half times!

As you read below, keep in mind that:

  • CBD sales totals could now be projected from $50 billion to as high as $125 billion.
  • CBD market growth over THC could be lifted from 12-to-one to an astonishing 30-to-one.
  • CBD sales could fly past THC sales in as little as 24 months.

New information is pending, and this report will be updated as needed. But the takeaway should be obvious. The company featured in this report, Sativa Wellness Group (OTC:SCNNF, CSE:SWEL, AQSE:SATI), is suddenly poised for unanticipated, rocketing growth as a global vertically integrated, fully scalable CBD production company. With the pace of CBD market growth clearly accelerating, the impact on the Sativa Wellness share price stands to be dramatic. This is a fast-moving situation; now is the time to get involved. Here is the story as first prepared prior to this landmark EU Court ruling.

Many cannabis investors are missing the future in this market by micro focusing on marijuana production. They’re overlooking the far bigger story that’s building in hemp production, the source plant for CBD extracts. 

While recreational marijuana has been around virtually forever…the market for CBD extracts is still in its infancy…and based on combined US and EU population it’s on a fast track to a $125 billion heavyweight outcome.

Bottom line: CBD market growth over the next ten years will outpace marijuana growth by more than 30-to-one…and early investors in Sativa Wellness stand to make fortunes!

This article explains the huge discrepancy between the two sides of the cannabis market. And why, based on growth opportunity alone, you should immediately shift your attention to the CBD side of the market.

More important, it explains how Sativa Wellness, featured herein, is positioned to evolve into one of the most important and largest producers of high purity CBD extracts in the world.

And it plans to do so by knocking out the current leadership role held by China!

The market now pays and will likely continue to pay stunning prices for the best grades in CBD extracts…better, in fact, than THC

An Immediate and Urgent Buying Opportunity!



A vertically integrated CBD production and extraction company targeting the soaring global supply needs of the rapidly growing CBD pharmaceutical market.

Company website:

When it comes to CBD, it’s all about purity and it has to be flawless. (That gives a huge edge to Sativa Wellness over China, discussed later in this report.)

When CBD meets the highest standards for purity, extracts can sell for upwards to $850 an ounce.[2] To get those kind of prices requires stringent quality control through the entire farm to market process. Unlike many in the CBD industry that claim to “control” the process Sativa is one that “owns” the process, from agriculture to extraction, from testing to formulation, packaging and retailing. No subcontractors, no third-party players, which is why Sativa Wellness’ vertically integrated production sets it so far apart from others.

Sativa Wellness is one of the very few CBD companies worldwide that can pull this off. Everything is managed and controlled internally to produce the purest form of CBD extracts available anywhere.

Many companies have entered the Cannabis space over the past few years and many have left, Sativa is here for the long haul. It has spent the past few years building one of the industries most complete infrastructures and is now poised to capitalize on what it has achieved. With quality hemp, extraction, testing, and formulation, along with packaging and retail Sativa is the perfect storm.

Rapid advancement in medical science is paving the way for meteoric CBD market growth.

In an expanding inventory of emerging pharmaceutical applications quality standards are essential for uncontaminated, pure CBD extracts, and a major driver of pricing.

Sativa Wellness growth is already fast tracking!

By the end of last year, the Company’s sales grew over five-fold producing a gross margin gain from 42% to 52%, a nearly 25% increase. The gross margin increase is largely attributable to growing global market demand for high-quality CBD extracts. As demand accelerates, the Company forecasts even further increases in margins.

The best product for the best prices…and scalable to meet future global demand!

Right now, nobody does it better, and, Sativa Wellness is embarking on its biggest expansion yet. The Company reports that it is now capable of producing up to 1.4 million ounces of high purity CBD extracts per year![3]

How valuable is that? It can be better than owning a gold mine!

Simple math shows that Sativa Wellness CBD can generate larger, virtually unending revenue streams with substantially lower capital expenditures (CAPEX) and production costs than mining for gold.


A gold mine with a million ounces in reserves may generate $1.5 to $3.0 million net annual revenue over the limited life of the mine.

Sativa Wellness CBD production, by comparison, has no life limitation. What’s more, and most importantly, 1.4 million ounces of high-purity CBD extract could generate $20 to $30 million net revenue annually!

That’s up to ten-times the potential from mining gold!

And there’s no end to it! Sativa Wellness’ 1.4 million ounce CBD production target of CBD per year can be ongoing for decades…it’s only a starting point!


Sativa Wellness’ current production target is limited only by the CBD content of the raw hemp it processes. As more higher CBD content strains of hemp are developed  Sativa’s annual production CBD extracts could double, triple or more annually! As demand grows, Sativa Wellness intends to scale production to match market growth.

For an investor, particularly now at the entry-level stage, production scaling can lead to enormous share price gains in the years ahead.

That makes Sativa Wellness an outstanding opportunity for buy and hold investing! Now is the time to consider getting involved.

Before you do, be certain that Sativa Wellness fits to your investing strategies. It is still a junior company subject to high-risk exposure to early investors. Never invest any more money than you are willing to put at risk for significant if not total loss.

But keep in mind, high-risk is also the foundation for high reward…and Sativa Wellness’gains could be enormous. Start your due diligence now by going to the company website to learn more. While there, get your email address registered for future news; you’ll want to stay on top of this.

An Immediate and Urgent Buying Opportunity!



A vertically integrated CBD production and extraction company targeting the soaring global supply needs of the rapidly growing CBD pharmaceutical market.

Company website:

Better still, contact your broker and consider a small investment now to get started. It can be good to have some skin in the game early. Sativa Wellness is now gaining traction in a market on a breathtaking growth track. This could be one to buy now and sit on for a long time to come.

The Federal government is now driving growth opportunity in Sativa Wellness!

In recent years, world production of CBD has been focused in China… then came China virus and a nationwide shocker. 80% or more of our medicine originates from China…Americans went through the roof!

Even recently, attention remains focused on China for CBD production. 

In August this year, the LA Weekly reported that, “China’s Domestic CBD Market Will Explode to Global Leader”.[4]

Not so fast!

Sativa Wellness is European/Canadian based and that’s a huge benefit for any company seeking non-Chinese sources for their pharmaceutical-grade CBD. Sativa Wellness could literally crush any chance that Chinese producers have for making inroads into U.S. and western markets.

That’s support that goes all the way to the top, further fueling Sativa Wellness’potential!

As far back as March of this year, Fox News reported that the China virus, “…has U.S. officials on an accelerated mission to bring the production of life-saving medicines…away from the control of the Chinese government.”[5]

This massive effort to pull pharmaceutical production out of China eliminates one-third of any possible production headwinds against Sativa Wellness growth.

Worldwide rejection of Chinese pharmaceuticals is now an explosive trend not likely to abate any time soon. It all comes down to the need for high purity product…something that China has no reputation for delivering.

Therein lies the key to Sativa Wellness’ growth potential…quality, scalability and dependability. These are the driving forces that can fuel Sativa Wellness shareholder value.

Again, look at the meteoric growth curve projected for CBD extracts. And it’s not just for anything that can be labeled CBD. As a pharmaceutical product, CBD must be expertly extracted, labeled accurately and produced at the highest grade of purity.

The medicinal potential in CBD compounds extends from over-the-counter medications to disease-targeting prescription pharmaceuticals. Regardless of intended use, the quality must be absolute and the supply scalable to the need. Lives will depend on both.

Sativa Wellness is putting into place the processes and resources that can meet or exceed the requirements of this emerging pharmaceutical landscape.

Keep in mind that there are dozens of CBD like molecules that can be extracted from the hemp plant…and many of these unique molecules carry very different pharmaceutical potential (over 85 cannabinoids have been identified to date) . As you begin your due diligence preceding a Sativa Wellness stock purchase, be sure to look into this side of the business. Its importance is pivotal to the evolvement of cannabinoids as a foundation for advancing medical science. Sativa has the technology to isolate many of the 80 identified cannabinoids in the hemp plant besides CBD.

This PubMed report issued through the National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health points to the vital importance of pure, highly targeted CBD extraction.[6] That purity, so essential to pharmaceutical use, may only be made possible through the tightly controlled, vertically integrated processes developed at Sativa Wellness.

“Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of at least 85 active cannabinoids identified within the Cannabis plant. It is a major phytocannabinoid, accounting for up to 40% of the [hemp] plant’s extract, that binds to a wide variety of physiological targets of the endocannabinoid system within the body.” 

“CBD has shown promise as an analgesic, anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant, anxiolytic, antipsychotic and has shown neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant activity, among other currently investigated uses.” 

Now is the time to get in front of this.

Take a moment right now to familiarize yourself with Sativa Wellness and the market it is set to serve. You may already be aware of the soaring growth in marijuana markets that has made fortunes for so many to date. Don’t be distracted. The market for hemp-derived compounds is projected to grow at a rate twelve-times greater. This has all the signs of a massive, early-stage investment opportunity that could generate enormous future profits.

Start your due diligence by visiting the Sativa Wellness website; the link is provided below. While there, be sure to register your email address to receive future news announcements from the Company.

As you consider Sativa Wellness as an investment, keep in mind that this is an entry-level opportunity that by its very nature puts it in a high-risk category. Should you decide to invest, commit only the amount of money that you feel comfortable putting at high risk for substantial if not complete loss. However, keep in mind that high-risk is also the foundation of high reward.

Getting in early is key to maximizing your profit potential. To that end, consider contacting your broker to get some skin in the game. If it fits to your investment objectives, Sativa Wellness may be an outstanding choice especially now as the stock is selling at a fraction of what could be its longer term potential.

If you choose to get started now, here’s where to go next:

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