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Smart Decision, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SDEC) Shares Launch as Demand Booms for CBD Affiliate Platform Access



Smart Decision, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SDEC) is one of the most interesting stories in the cannabis and CBD space right now. Everyone in the space is starting to talk about what the company is building – a proprietary, patent-pending algorithmic CBD product platform ( geared toward aiding consumers in selecting the right CBD-based products to suit their specific needs.

The CBD market is tough for producers and suppliers because of the glut of supply and the thousands of companies vying for a competitive advantage. It’s not an easy racket, especially for new entrants into the market. It’s also not easy for new customers who have decided they’re interested in trying CBD. It’s an extremely complex market to break into as a consumer.

That’s where SDEC comes to the rescue.. for both sides of the equation. The algorithm behind the company’s platform (now in development) helps bring CBD brands and CBD shoppers together, matching needs with best-fit products. This not only helps take the headache out of the shopping experience – trying to figure out permutations involving potency, volume, grade, delivery mechanism, bioavailability – and increase consumer satisfaction after purchase, but it also helps affiliated brands on the platform make headway in the market, reaching new satisfied customers and moving product.

Smart Decision, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SDEC) just announced accelerating interest from brands in the CBD space hoping to be included in the platform as it launches. And it’s not hard to see why.

For investors, this is great news because the more interest the company fields from brands, the better terms the company gets as its share of each transaction. If becomes a one-stop shopping hub for CBD ecommerce online, then the company will be printing money.

According to the latest press release, platform affiliate membership had already jumped up to 28 participating CBD product brands as of last week. Now the company is reporting that requests are ballooning. As a result, management at the firm is upping its estimates on platform membership, now guiding for at least 50 affiliate members by the time the team shows up in Las Vegas mid next month to demo the platform at the USA CBD Expo 2020 conference.

Adam Green, Smart Decision CEO, stated, “The ideal scenario, from our perspective, is enough interest and enthusiasm on the part of CBD brands to create competition among brands for access to our platform as participating member affiliates. That will allow us to negotiate the most favorable terms once the technology development process is complete and we launch the fully-enabled iteration of the Smart Decision platform. At this point, we are already solidly heading for that ideal scenario, which is well ahead of even our most optimistic assumptions as of 60 days ago.”

The Next Step

The next step here that could set the stock afire to an even further degree – it’s already up about 300% in the past few weeks, but that’s child’s play compared to what’s possible here – is the establishment of an official cap on the platform membership. We would expect this step before long.

Imagine it: “No, I’m sorry, your brand can’t be included in our consumer shopping engine. We’re full right now.”

If the site starts to do big traffic and sales volume, every CBD brand on the planet will be clamoring to get involved. From there, it’s a feedback loop that ultimately benefits SDEC shareholders more than anyone else because the terms can be adjusted according to demand from both sides.

With MRFR now predicting 125% CAGR for the CBD space as a whole over the next 5 years, this is a monster growth market. And SDEC is a company that has landed on a unique solution that benefits from the boom in new consumer adoption of CBD products without suffering from the glut of supply in the space. It’s the best of both worlds.

From the company’s most recent release, here’s CEO Adam Green again: “Striking the right balance will be important, and we may have to cap membership before long. We want consumers to see as a comprehensive representation of the universe of CBD products available, which means we need to have enough brands involved to make the site a one-stop shop and a primary ecommerce hub for CBD shopping. But we also want to protect our shareholders’ interests by cultivating a scarcity value for access to the platform, which will drive the most robust financial performance for the Company and present a number of advantages from a brand management perspective for Smart Decision.”


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