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Can Hemp Oil Really Get Rid of Chronic Pain?





Chronic back pain can only be exhaustingly be understood by people suffering from chronic back pain otherwise you can only sympathize. A number of chronic back pain treatments are available but almost all of them have a limit and can only treat up a certain points beyond which they become ineffective.

As a point of caution, most back pain medications are known to cause damage to internal organs. In most cases, severe cases of chronic back pains end into a surgery after failure of neuropathy and physiotherapy.

Commonly Used Medications For Back Pain

NSAIDS which are inflammatory medicines are the most common medication for back pains. Examples of NSAIDS are drugs like Voltaren, Ibuprofen and sometimes Valium which is used due to its relaxant effect. A person diagnosed with bursitis, pack pain or any other inflammation, Ibuprofen is always prescribed as part of the medication.

NSAIDS are the most preferred and effective treatment for inflammations and other nerve and muscle pains.  However, NSAIDS cause several uncomfortable side effects and adverse reactions. Although the drugs should be used according to prescription, high dose causes gastro-intestinal disorders like cramps, stomach ulcers and constipation. Users also suffer from corticosteroids due to the fact that the drugs weaken the immune system.

Common Cause Of Back Pain

The mammal’s spinal cord has intervertebral discs located between the vertebrae. The Intervertebral discs cushions the vertebrae from shock and help improve mobility of the spinal cord. Degeneration of the discs can cause serious problems to the sufferer. The degeneration of the discs is the most common cause of neck and chronic back pain.

Although 25% of the population are burdened by signs of IVD degeneration, there still no effective treatment or therapy. Degeneration is contributed by factors like lack of water and essential sugars, oxygen deficiency, aging and inflammation of some parts.

As per the Institute of Medicine of The National Academies, 100 million people in America live with chronic back pain.

Studies on Hemp Oil for back pain

In March 2015, a study showed a connection between Cannabinoids and the effect they have on chronic back pains.

Hemp Oil (Cannabidiol), a compound of Cannabis is known for being completely non-psychoactive. It is well suited for the body and easily adapts to the environment of certain receptors in the body. A study has revealed that when used in high doses, Hemp Oil has ant- degenerative effects. The study suggested that the compound could be useful in intervertebral disc degeneration treatment.

Several studies have also proved the medicinal effect of Hemp Oil in several medical fields. It has been applied in the treatment and therapy of several diseases and conditions. Intervertebral disc degeneration is now part of the long list of conditions that are treatable using Hemp Oil.




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